Weight Accelerator
MP Senior Weight

A Weight Gain Supplement for Older Horses
Senior Weight Accelerator is a weight gain supplement designed with the special health needs of Senior Horses and provides essential calories needed for weight gain and over-all body condition, plus Omega-3s, Probiotics and Essential Vitamins.

MP Cool Calories

Cool Calories 100 Dry Fat supplement is an excellent source of calories for horses and contains more than two times the energy of carbohydrates. The high calorie density of Cool Calories 100 provides cool, focused energy for performance horses, calories for underweight horses and hard-keepers and reduces the need to feed more grain. Cool Calories 100 can be fed along with fortified feeds.

MP Opti-Zyme

A Probiotic Supplement
A source of naturally occurring viable yeast, enzymes and beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that help promote optimal digestion.

MP Sho Glo

Sho-Glo® Vitamin & Mineral Supplement delivers top quality at the right price.

Stabilized Rice Bran
MP Max E Glo

Max-E-Glo™ Stabilized Rice Bran Performance Horse Supplement Max-E-Glo™ stabilized rice bran, the rice bran horse owners prefer, is a superior performance supplement specifically formulated for horses. Max-E-Glo is available in both pelleted and meal forms and offers several nutrition benefits for your horse.

MP Calf Manna

A performance enhancing supplement for multiple species of animals.
Calf-Manna® has been part of the community for over 80 years, helping your animals grow healthy and strong. Calf-Manna delivers a wide range of benefits to all types of animals and life stages. From horses, cattle, rabbits and goats to poultry, swine, and deer, Calf-Manna helps every animal reach their peak condition and top performance.


Purina® Amplify® Supplement is a high-fat, controlled starch extruded nutritional supplement. When extra calories are needed to maintain body condition, Purina® Amplify® Supplement can be added to the horse’s daily ration to provide multiple benefits.

Feed Form: Extruded Nuggets
Recommended For: Weight gain, hard-working competitive horses, showing and sales preparation, and stallions, gestating  and lactating mares.


Purina® SuperSport™ amino acid supplement is scientifically formulated and demonstrated in published research to support:

  • RECOVERY: More rapid recovery of muscle cell integrity after exercise to help horses bounce back faster.
  • PERFORMANCE: Increased exercise capacity for higher performance over a longer period of time.
  • MUSCLE MASS: Supports muscle development for a more athletic body type.
Feed Form: Pellets
Recommended For: Top Equine Athletes of all ages in all disciplines

Balance 12:12 Mineral
Free Balance 1212

For horses who are not receiving a balanced concentrate feed, the highly palatable Purina® Free Balance® 12:12 Vitamin & Mineral Supplement provides the added vitamins and minerals needed to balance a pasture or hay-only diet. Purina® Free Balance® 12:12 is also available in a 40 pound block

Feed Form: Granular Mineral or Block
Recommended For: Maintenance horses on pasture or hay.